Hypnosis is like music. Each note capable of stimulating sensations within the mind and body. With enough practice you can create your own song.

-Athena Sees 

Cognitive Hypnosis Isn't  







Cognitive hypnosis is for people who are generally happy with life and have a few minor kinks to work out. If you are going through a major change, have a reoccuring problem, or would like to learn more about the mind and how you can use it to its full advantage, cognitve hypnosis is perfect for you. It is the option between a talk with a friend an a session with a psychologist. 

Tap Into Your



Hypnosis is effective because it appeals to your subconscious mind, which influences your feelings and actions, without your awareness. This is why some people find themselves doing things they don't want to do. Smoking, yelling, and tardiness are subconscious habits that consciousness can't easily break.  Hypnosis effectively reprograms the subconscious mind. 





The power of



Have you ever heard that it is hard to do something or you can't do something? Those suggestions can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Suggestions influence memory, performance, behavior, and receptivity. If you think you can win a race, you will train hard. If you think you are going to do poorly in an interview, you will have a harder time preparing. Once these suggestions take place in our mind it can be challenging to alter or replace them, especially because you have developeld proof that they are true. This is where stories come into place. With cognitive hypnosis you will learn to see that your preconcieved notions are true to a degree and that there are more truths to be discovered. 




Athena has helped me to realize that I am a co-creater in my own reality. I no longer feel the need to blame everyone and everything when something doesn't go my way, and now I am able to turn the focus towards my own apporach in the future. I am more grateful for the hiccups that I face and I am less intimidated by life in general.  


Mike Farrell


You've Already Been


What do watching a movie, reading a book, and playing a piano all have in common? They are hypnotic.










Hypnosis can be strong to where you lose track of time and even your sense of self as you become deeply engaged in what you are doing. Light and medium hypnosis is where you will find yourself during most of our sessions. The hypnosis is induced conversationally. A hypnotic conversation is different from a regular conversation because it activates both memory and creativity, allowing you to have more accurate understanding of past and future situations. 





I had no idea what to expect from my sessions with Athena. She speaks to you in a way that makes you feel like you guys have known eachother your whole life. I swear she's psychic!


Kristian Burchat

Athena was reccommended by a friend of mine because I suffered from sever anxiety attacks. I still have anxiety attacks, but they are not my go to response because I now have options as to how I want to deal with my upsets. I can also recognize when I am jumping to conclusions or when I am believing thoughts that just aren't backed up by reality. 


Brad Earl





I came to Athena because I didn't know if I should stay in a relationship that I was in. At the end of our first session I was left with more questions than answers, but somehow that felt refreshing. Over the next couple sessions Athena taught me how to know if I was making decisons that were right for me, amongst many other things. I have been able to apply her knowledge not only to that relationship, but also towards my professional life. I feel so much more calm and clear minded. 


Stefanie Isakadis

I was always a person who saw therapy as a waste of time. When Athena told me what she did and I became intrigued. None of our sessions have been typical. She makes the conversations very natural. I have had hard time accepting what was telling me, but by the next session I knew that she was right. Thanks Athena!


Pete B



No Worries, You Won't


I'm sorry but there will be no clucking or pendulum swinging during our sessions. The reason a hypnotist has a subject focus on a pendulum is to the mind's attention, which makes it more receptive to suggestion. Instead of using hypnosis to exploit the mind, we will be exploring it. You will be free to accept suggestions you see fit, and reject suggestions that aren't right for you. 

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